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From the Armchair to the Rafters

What is a Sideline View?

Sideline View is all about having that opinion that usually no one would care for. Those opinions you’ll bring out when you’re down the pub with a few mates. No matter the sport, you can bet we’ll have an opinion. From Football to Basketball to Boxing to Tennis, from our armchairs we’ll have an opinion.

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Sideline View

The Sideline team is made up of an all-star team in every sense of the word. That is if all-star meant ‘amateurs with opinions about things’. But there are a few members of the team who actually know what they are doing. They make up the Sideline Media team and the Sideline Sports Marketing team.

Sideline Media

We work alongside a variety of small sports clubs as a third party media team to enhance the match day experience by making sure that they get the professional media treatment without the need of hiring an in-house media team. As advocates of local sports, we’re happy to work alongside you on a fixed-term basis. Whenever you need us, we’ll be there.

Sideline Sports Marketing

Struggling to create a brand? Can’t wrap your head around SEO or website design? Social Media leave you feeling out of your depth? We have a young, energetic marketing team who have worked with local sports retailers and sports teams. Get in contact for a free consultation at

Where can you follow us?

Our crack team of ‘journalists’ are as likely to be found in stadia as they are to be found down the local. If you want to follow us all the way check out our Instagram @theSLview or find us on Facebook!