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NFL Addict in offseason: Week 2

Second week of this, and to be quite honest I’m sick of it already, at least in 2020 we’ll have Vince McMahon’s XFL to bridge the gap a little.

It’s been a few weeks since WWE’s owner announced the league’s return and still no update on anything about it really. All we know so far is that there will be 10 teams and every player will stand for the national anthem DAMMIT.

Anyway, on with updates from the NFL this week.

Johnny Football is back.

Fair play to Manziel, (Chris Collinsworth impression) here’s a guy who looked very talented at the college level only to throw away his career more epically than he ever threw an NFL ball.

For Manziel though there was much more to it. He’s recently spoke about mental health issues and how he was diagnosed with bipolar.

Following a rumoured attempt to start playing in the Canadian football league, “Johnny Football” will be playing in the spring league (first I heard of it as well), where he will hope to impress enough to maybe get a second crack at the NFL. I certainly wish him all the best.

On the theme of former Browns quarterbacks (there has been many in the last few years) we may as well tell you about Robert Griffin the third, and how he savagely mocked his former employers.

Poor Browns, even picking up L’s in the offseason.

Okay on to the next story, and I don’t like to get serious but I am for just a minute.

Reuben Foster. Now in last weeks article I joked around and said that the signing of Jimmy Garoppolo on a five year deal meant the 49ers have won the next five Super Bowls.

Realistically it’s not out of the question that San Francisco become a serious contender, but they need more than a quarter back. They need talent all over the roster.

One player with mega, all pro level talent and potential is Reuben Foster. He’s a sideline to sideline linebacker, with elite acceleration, play recognition, pursuit, hit power, and tackling.

But does earning millions of dollars, as well as building a lasting legacy mean much to Mr Foster? It’s difficult to see how it can when he’s found himself arrested twice in the space of a month. End of January he was arrested for possession of marijuana, and last week arrested for a domestic incident and possession of an illegal weapon.

As a 49ers fan our luck with linebackers is becoming increasingly frustrating, Patrick Willis retired aged just 30, the very promising Chris Borland retired after his rookie year, Aldon Smith had a number of off the field issues and was released and Navarro Bowman had a series of serious injuries and was later released.

Foster, isn’t too far away from being added to that list. To be quite honest I’m not only surprised but disappointed he hasn’t. The 49ers organisation where quick to release cornerback, Tremaine Brock following his arrest for a domestic incident last year. As of yet Foster hasn’t suffered the same fate.

Anyway moving swiftly on.

The Cardinals have a new general manager, and I don’t envy that poor bloke.

Steve Keim was announced as Arizona’s new GM last week. Poor Steve.

Arizona who’s current quarter back options are Drew Stanton and Blaine Gabbert, will attempt to compete in the NFC West with The Rams and Goff, Niners and Jimmy G and Russell Wilson and the Seahawks. Like brining a knife to a gun fight.

They do have a good defence especially with their defensive backs Tyrann Mathieu, Patrick Peterson and edge rusher Chandler Jones, but in a quarter back driven league they’ll need to look for an improvement at QB, otherwise they’re up sh*t creek without a paddle.

So you can see why I don’t envy his position right now, needing a QB, he has four realistic options.

Draft one, and as they’re drafting 15th in a QB needy draft, that’s not a great idea. Pay Kirk Cousins a kings ransom squared, role the dice and try and sign AJ McCarron, or try and trade for Eagles’ back up, the Super Bowl MVP, Nick Foles.

Personally I’d prefer either of the latter two options. But to be fair I’d rather have Brucy from the longest yard in at QB before Blaine Gabbert so that doesn’t say much.

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