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The Re-Launch, For Anyone That Cares.

It’s currently 5:35 as I write this. I’ve been procrastinating about getting round to this for roughly 8 months now. If you’re like me and have already stopped caring, then good news, it’s all up hill from here.

We tried taking a professional approach, it worked too. But f*ck that. That’s not who we are and that’s no fun to write about. So, do you like great grammar, astute sentences and vastly analytical views? Good, go to the Guardian or sumthin. It worked the first time, but please see words 11 and 12 of this paragraph.

So what now? I hear you not ask. Well I enjoy writing about the ol’ soccerball so probably that. The other guys like writing about American Football, Basketball and some other stuff I’m sure. We’ll probably be entertaining, and you’ll probably find yourself agreeing with a lot of stuff we say and disagreeing with even more, you do you boo.

Probably, won’t just be sports either. I’m currently a recovering fat man so I’ll probably talk about how hard it is to jog, gym and cry myself skinny. I’ll encourage everyone else to add in shi…stuff about their lives too, cause everyone needs a place to vent and that. It’ll be in a different section but hop over there for shits and giggles too.

Anyway, I’ve wrote 200 more words than I originally wanted. So let’s get this party restarted eh.






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Celtic fan, struggling student, recovering fat man.

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