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Things Learnt from May-Mac Press Conference 3: New York

The third installment of the May-Mac World Tour press conference last night, cranked the heat up another notch.

The presser was meant to start an hour and a half before originally booked which built anticipation, with McGregor last equalling the war of words scores to 1-1 in Canada.

Conor McGregor was firstly introduced again.  Ditching the suit, he came out dressed as something that can only be described as a character out of the Ben Stiller and Will Farell movie Zoolander.  It was certainly eye-catching and had everyone’s attention. 

The trash talking got a little personal tonight, both hitting eachother with low-blows which looked to anger the Irish-man more than Mayweather.  This resulted in a scuffle which broke out between the teams camp who attended the press conferences in support of their corner.

‘Money’ Mayweather won this round on my score-cards but this is far from over.

More drama to unfold tomorrow night in London’s Wembley Stadium, ending this third part of the May-Mac journey.


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