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Things Learnt from May-Mac Press Conference 2: Toronto

The second stop on the May-Mac World Tour landed in Toronto, Canada and it sure topped the first stop in Los Angeles.

Conor McGregor equalled the scoring between winning the war of words with ‘Money’ Mayweather at the press conference. Conor winning this round, equalled the scoring to 1-1.

The Notorious came in a lot more prepared fashion than the first presser because he knew the format and structure based on the first. He dictated the pace and lit up the presser like only ‘The Notorious’ can in his extreme and intense fashion.

The UFC Lightweight Champion got the crowd on his side by start the chant ‘f*ck the Mayweathers’ which majority of the crowd obliged. 
McGregor then made reference to Showtime Boxing’s possible ‘set up’ when forcing him into an uncomfortable position of coming out first, hanging around for Floyd and no set direction of running order. This gave McGregor ammunition who handled it impeccably.

The Irish-man attacked Floyd’s casual dress sense, taking a punch at his professionalism, trying to get a foot-hold in this world tour and inside Mayweather’s head, which he is best known for and has mentally defeated previous opponents.

 McGregor fired shots at Mayweather all night who barely responded apart from his ‘hardwork dedication’ chant, cheap shots at McGregor and respect for UFC President Dana White for making this fight possible.

The staredown was as intense as the first, both guys talking a lot of smack which can only further hype this matchup on August 26th in Las Vegas.

Next stop Brooklyn, New York tonight!




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