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Five Things Learnt from May-Mac Press Conference: LA

The beginning of the May Mac World Tour press conferences started last night.  First stop Los Angeles.

20 thousand people gathered inside the Staples Centre arena in LA to catch a glimpse of history in the making.  This is the first time the combat sports of boxing and MMA have came together for a huge and historic super-fight.


There are a lot of similarities within these sports and things that draw comparisons, but last night’s press conference highlighted the sports differences.

Here are five things we learned from last night:

  1. The Running Order

Last night press conference had one podium with one microphone, where fighters and representatives waited their turn to speak.  Conor McGregor was given a mic at one stage but when spoke was cut off.  This is something commonly found in boxing but not MMA, usually in the UFC each individual has their own mic which usually provides a much more entertaining presser.

2. Not As Fun Filled

Yes, this was the first presser and a general introduction to the fight which will happen 26th August, but Showtime and both combat sports governing bodies will need to loosen their grip in order to provide entertaining pressers and ultimately bring them more money.  Of course both cannot step over the line, but the thrill of both being close to that line helps with the entertainment factor.  Lets be honest Mayweather or McGregor are no strangers to a fine or two.

3. No Lost War Of Words

McGregor came out with his usual brash demeanor stating that he will knock out Floyd within four rounds, and that his movement and power is something you cannot prepare for until you step on that mat.  On the other side Mayweather started stating facts like ’21’ thats how longs hes been kick ass, his endless supply of money while holding up an untouched 100million check.  McGregor responded ‘thats for the tax-man’ due to the IRS looking their capital settlements Floyd hasn’t paid them, reinstated the back and forward trash talk we’ve grown to love.

4. The Face Of Boxing v MMA

It could be suggested ‘Money’ Mayweather is the face of boxing with his impeccible 49-0 record and development of a defensive style we havn’t seen before.  While McGregor certainly is the face of MMA with his quick transition to becoming first ever two-weight world champion and the UFC’s boosted income when Conor is headlining the event.  Both want to be known as the face of combat sport altogether, this should be interesting.

5. The Mutal Respect

At the end of the presser Mayweather thanked both side of the parties the UFC, President Dana White and Conor McGregor for getting this fight done when it seemed impossible at times.  McGregor said that the stipulations don’t matter all he needs is a gumshield  he’s ready to go.  He did show his maturity to tone himself down especially for a press conference of this magnitude and how strict boxing can be on consequences of crossing the line.







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