Top 10 In The Premier League: Tackling

Following on from our last, Top 10 In The Premier League which was focused on passing we look at the best tacklers in the league. 

T-9) Nacho Monreal

The Arsenal left back is amongst the best players in his position in the league even if he does slip under the radar. 

Despite clearly being one of the best tacklers in the league, Monreal has only been capped by his country 19 times. Perhaps that says more about the depth of Spain than it does about Monreal’s ability. He made 90 tackles last season.

T-9) Victor Wanyama 

Wanyama joined the Premier League in 2013 after an impressive tenure for Celtic. Wanyama is a physical presence in the middle of the park. 

His game isn’t built around finesse, his job is typically to make life as difficult as possible for the opposing team’s midfield. Wanyama’s strength makes him a nightmare to deal with so it’s no surprise to see him in the top 10 tacklers in the league, making a total of 90.

T-7) Claudio Yacob

A bit of an unsung hero in the premier league, Yacob is a key part of West Brom’s team. They may not set the world alite with sesnational performances and dazzling pieces of brilliance, but the West Midlands side are a solid team finishing 10th last season. Yacob’s tough tacking style is no doubt a big part of that. He tied seventh, with a total of 94 tackles. 

T-7) James Milner

So far the only man to feature in both the top passers and top tacklers lists, Milner is such a reliable player regardless of position. 

Milner played much of the season at left back in oppose to his more familiar position of centre mid. Maybe not a player that catches the eye of many, but quite clearly he’s a solid option. Like Yacob he made a total of 94 tackles.

6) Christian Fuchs 

The Leicester left back may not have enjoyed success last season to the same level as he did in 2015/16, when he won he league, but the Foxes left back still had a good season. 

Fuchs was a key part of Leicester’s surprise League win in 2016 part of an impressive back four. He made a total of 97 tackles last year. 

5) Matthew Lowton

Matthew Lowton was a surprising name for me to find on this list but he certainly deserves it. 

The Burnley right back is the first on the list to have made more than 100 tackles, making a total of 101. 

4)Erik Pieters 

Seems like being a fullback is helpful for getting in to this list. Pieters is the forth to do so, third left back. Maybe that says a lot for the Premier League’s right midfielders. 

The Stoke left back had a brilliant year for his side, racking up a total of 106 tackles. 

3) Oriol Romeu 

Again this man has surprised me. I was surprised to see him in the Premier League’s top 10 passers, and now I see him placed as the leagues third best tackler. 

Seems like a fantastic all round centre midfielder, Romeu made a total of 117 tackles from the Saints midfielder. 

2) N’Golo Kanté 

To the surprise of absolute nobody Kanté places in the top 10 tacklers in the English Premier League. Maybe some are surprised that he hasn’t claimed the top spot. 

Kanté following on from an amazing campaign for Leicester in 15/16, Kanté put in another workman like season for Chelsea as he won the league again, and picked up the PFA Player of the Year award. 

Kanté made a massive total of 127 tackles. 

1) Idrissa Geuye

What a nightmare Geuye must be for the opposition. Must be difficult to get anything going in the engine room when players like Geuye are around to put a spanner in the works.

Everton had an impressive season last year and floated around the top end of the table. Players like Lukaku and Geuye played a key part in that. 

Geuye made a total of 135 tackles from his 33 games. 


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