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Conor McGregor Releases Photos of Mayweather Training Camp

With less than 6 weeks to Conor McGregor’s boxing superfight against Floyd Mayweather, the Irish Lightweight UFC Champion is currently hard at work in his training camp to put together the right tools for the descruction of Mayweather.

Head coach John Kavanagh and Boxing Coach Owen Roddy are so happy with their progress that they have declared Conor could be ready to beat Floyd in just three more weeks.  Adding this team in your corner plus the Irish-man’s self-confidence and obesession over the task that is put in front of him, it certainly hypes McGregors chances even more.

But we also know McGregor is sharpening his boxing skills which we have recently seen in a portfolio of boxing posts.  It’s just the latest sign that seems to suggest we shouldn’t assume anything when it comes to this fight but expect the unexpected.

Going from MMA to Boxing is a completely different relm, but if anyone can put the first blemish of Floyd reaching the perfect 50-0 record, it’s Conor McGregor.

See the images below:


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