American Football

Tom Brady Voted The NFL’s Best.

Yesterday I brought you my predictions for this years NFL top 100. Hands up my predictions where not too good, I only got a couple correct, but it was always going to be tough.

The NFL’s top 10 is as follows:
10- Matt Ryan- My Prediction-3.
9- Le’Veon Bell- My Prediction-10.
8- Odell Beckham Jr- My Prediction-7.
7- Ezikiel Elliot- My Prediction-9.
6- Aaron Rodgers- My Prediction-2.
5- Khalil Mack- My Prediction-8.
4- Antonio Brown- My Prediction-6.
3- Julio Jones- My Prediction-3.
2- Von Miller- My Prediction- 5
1- Tom Brady- My Prediction- 1.

As I’ve said my predictions where not too good, particularly Matt Ryan. I am surprised Ryan came 10th, especially as he was in the Super Bowl and won the league’s MVP award. I was also surprised Rodgers came so low in the list, his performances in the second half of the season and in the play offs where amazing with some spectacular plays.

I did get two correct. Julio Jones in at third was one I predicted. The best wide receiver in the league, his impact on offence goes beyond running routes and catching the ball, he opens up the play book as the defence focuses on him knowing his capabilities which in turn creates more opportunities for the players around him. His 300 yard game against Panthers was incredible and his spectacular catch against the Patriots in the Super Bowl was mind blowing. Well justified position in the top 10 for Julio Jones.

My other prediction was that Tom Brady would be voted number 1 and become the first two time winner of the accolade. Okay to some that mightn’t seem like the wildest of predictions, and to be honest it probably wasn’t, not after the season TB12 had last year.

He started the season suspended after deflategate ruled him out for the first four games. Despite missing a quarter of the season he still threw for 3,554 yards, achieving a passer rating of 112.2 , and had a 28-2 TD-INT ratio which set an NFL record.

But let’s be honest the reason why Brady is at the top of this list, isn’t for regular season triumphs. The Patriots comeback against Falcons will go down as one of sports most legendary and greatest comebacks. They where 25 points down, that is crazy. Yet somehow, someway, Tom Brady managed to lead the Patriots to victory, to win his record fifth Super Bowl ring.

Is Brady the G.O.A.T?



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