Messi’s Prison Sentance To Be Swapped For Fine

Barcelona star Lionel Messi started the trend on La Liga stars to be investigated for tax fraud. Ronaldo, Mourinhio and Di Maria are just following in his shadow. 

Last year Lionel Messi was giving a 21 months suspended prison sentence and fined near €2 million for tax fraud. But according to the Independent, Lionel could soon be giving the chance to rid himself of the 21 month suspended sentence. 

The Barcelona state prosecutor said on Friday, that he wouldn’t be opposed to turning Messi’s sentence for a fine, as long as it was the maximum fine for tax fraud. 

The maximum fine for tax fraud? €255,000. Not an excessive amount for a footballer of Lionel Messi’s standards.  

That means that the 21 month sentence would be swapped for a fine less than the Aregentines weekly wage. 

The judge of the case will make a decision on the case with the recommendation of the prosecutor in mind. 


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