Arsene Wenger Still Seems Hurt By 2006 Champions League Final Defeat

It may have been over a decade ago but it appears Arsene Wenger is still upset by the nature in how his Arsenal side lost the 2006 Champions League. 

Despite going down to 10 men early on after Jens Lehman was sent off, Arsenal took the lead through Sol Campbell in the 37th minute, and kept that lead for the best part of an hour. 

Henrik Larsson was brought into the game in the 61st minute, 15 minutes later the Swede made his presence known by playing a key part in Barcelona’s equaliser by Eto’o. In the 80th minute, Barca got what would eventually be the winning goal from an unlikely source, Juliano Belletti. 

It was the Eto’o equaliser that Wenger had an issue with. The Arsenal boss was recently asked if there was any decision he would have liked to have been reviewed by VAR. This was his response: 

“I would choose Barcelona’s equaliser in the 2006 Champions League final because it was offside, and we were 1-0 up with 30 minutes to go.” 

It would appear Wenger is still hurting, and even admitted that it’s the trophy he misses. 

“That’s the trophy I miss here, you know, so that is for me the most important one.”

Wenger is 0-3 in European finals, and with the #WengerOut brigade growing stronger season by season, perhaps the time is ticking for Arsene to get that first win. But not being in the Champions League next year, perhaps Arsenal can follow in Manchester United foot steps and win the Europa League next season. 


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