Peter Crouch Trolls Himself, and It’s Hilarious. 

Stoke City striker Peter Crouch has once again took to twitter to make the internet laugh… at his own expense.

Crouch has been in English football since 1998 and as well as gaining a reputation as a reliable enough striker who can occasionally bag a wonder goal, like the one against Man City in 2012, Crouch has also gained a reputation as being a football good guy.

I doubt there are many people who would say they hate Peter Crouch and as he’s a footballer earning thousands a week and married to a model, that must be an incredibly difficult feat to achieve.

Crouchy always seems up for a laugh, and willing to take a joke like that time he did a comic relief sketch with James Cordon. Plus let’s be honest, nobody actually pulls out the robot as a football celebration unless their wanting people to laugh.

His recent post on twitter has gone down pretty well with his followers.

Well played Peter, well played.


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