WATCH: Holly Right Back At Holm

This afternoon at UFC Fight Night 111 in Singapore’s Indoor Arena, Holly Holm got back to winning ways with a stunning knock-out victory over her Brazilian opponent Bethe Correia in the 135 Women’s Bantamweight division.

The main-event started at a slow place, both fighters felt eachother out for the first round with very little action, with boos ringing around the area.

The second round began very slowly again, referee Mark Goddard pulled the fighters aside and told them to pick up the pace.  Both 135 pounders where aware of their opponents power.

This sparked life into the contest.  In the third round Holm landed numerous leg kicks and one-two combos, while ‘The Pitbull’ Correia looked to use her jab to set up her over-hand right bomb.

Holm the seasoned boxer, looked much more comfortable in the octogon.  Eventually finding the opening she was looking for and landed a vicious ‘shin to chin’ headkick, followed up by a left punch, before Goddard stepped in to end the contest.

(All credit of the video goes to UFC Fight Pass)

This was the similar headkick that shocked the world and knocked out former undisputed Bantamweight Champion, Ronda Rousey.

Holly ‘The Preachers Daughter’ Holm ends her three fight loosing record and gets back to winning ways.






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