Steven Gerrard Believes Liverpool Could Improve Two Positions. 

Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard is hopeful that Jurgen Klopp can “get the two or three big pieces of the jigsaw” which he hopes will help his former club push on and contend for the league. 

Stevie-G believes Liverpool could do with another option at left back and also a new striker. 

Steven Gerrard, with former Liverpool striker Luis Suarez, and former left back, Luis Enrique

First looking at the left back position. I can completely see where he’s coming from, it seemed the best option at left back for Liverpool last season, was an out of position James Milner. 

Now don’t get me wrong, Milner did a good job, as Gerrard said when speaking to BT Sport, “James has done a fantastic job out there, but it would be nice to have another option”. 

The Kop-end hero, also spoke about getting a striker that will “give some firepower and help unlock the defences that are really narrow and compact”. 

Liverpool haven’t got as close to league success since they finished runners up in 2013/14 season, when Luiz Suarez spearheaded the Liverpool attack under Brendan Rodgers. The now Barcelona striker, scored 31 goals that season. It will be difficult to find a striker of Suarez’ quality but it seems Gerrard thinks they need a talisman striker, who like Suarez can be the difference maker in those tougher fought games. 

Despite that, Steven Gerrard does not believe Liverpool are needing a major reconstruction, claiming it’s just a few pieces of the jigsaw needed and even says he’s “really happy with where we are at the moment”


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