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5 Reason’s Why I am Team McGregor…

Why McGregor Will Win

Many have already been quick to write off Conor McGregor’s chances of a victory against Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather, upon their hotly anticpiated boxing match which was finally announced for August 26th at the T Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

We must not forget ‘The Notorious’ McGregor has been the one causing huge sporting shocks throughout the MMA world.  From dispatching 10 year UFC Featherweight veteran and kingpin Jose Aldo within 13 seconds to destroying former heavy-hitting Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez.

McGregor has also knocked out 7/9 of his UFC opponents, while becoming the poster-boy for the sport, all inside a short four year career period.

Stepping into a boxing ring for the first time against arguably the pound for pound best boxer of our generation, is a whole different ball game of course.  But if anyone can do it, it’s Conor McGregor.

Now come on, his theme which main evented UFC205 in Madisson Square Garden, New York ‘I Get Money-50 Cent’ flaunts this confidence does it not!?

  1. Mayweather’s Ring Rust

Yes the odds may be stacked against the Irishman, but we must not forget this fight will take place two years after Floyd Mayweather has stepped inside a ring for a professional boxing bout due to his retirement in 2015.  Of course he has still been training, but at the tender age of 40, with two years away from the sport it will be interesting to see if he has developed ring rust in the first few rounds where McGregor is at his most destructive.

2. Weight Cut Advantages

The fight will take place at 154 pounds which most certainly favours McGregor who last fought at Lightweight which is 155 pounds in MMA.  This weight class for ‘The Notorious’ seems to be where he’s at his natural best compared to depleating his body to make the 145 Featherweight mark.  Floyd has fought at this weight class many times in his pro career, however being out of competition for two years will make his weight cut a lot harder than ever before.

3. The Conor Confidence Factor

We all know McGregor’s high energy, show stealing approach to any event wether it’s a press conference, backstage interview or taunts while inside the octogon.  He breeds an unearthed confidence not many posses, not only this he can back up these statements by his achievements and ‘Mystic Mac’ ability to predict his fight outcomes.  McGregor has promised that he is coming for Mayweather’s head and wants nothing short of a knockout victory.  He is a huge long-shot especially to even survive 12 rounds of boxing against arguable the best boxer of the modern era, but how can you ignore his history of calling the outcome?

4. Offense v Defense Battle

Mayweather poses a defensive tactical approach to fighting, you could say hes the pioneer of the ‘shoulder roll’ backing up his 49-0 record.  Only two men where able to penetrate this guard, Shane Mossley and Marcos Maidana but still lost.  However Mayweather isn’t a knockout artist even though he has serious power, as he uses his defensive posture and rarely unleashes fierced killer combos, rather counters his opponents strikes.

McGregor has been known for his rangey jab which eventually sets up his devistating left straight which has knocked out 7/9 of his UFC opponents, most certainly his favourite weapon in his arsenal.  His offensive, almost stalking down his pray like style, plus added high accurate volume of punches isn’t something to take lightly.

5. Southpaw Issue

Conor McGregor has one of the best left hands in all of combat sports, something which has been a downfall for the Mayweather camp to deal with in the past.  Although Floyd has never been beaten he has always found it harder against southpaw fighters such as Oscar De La Hoya and most notiably Manny Picquiao.  This is a weapon that is second nature to McGregor and something you dont want to get hit with too many times.  This could well be the key to defeating Mayweather.


So Conor McGregor is really stepping into a boxing ring with little or nothing to loose because of the financial rewards, while ‘Money’ Mayweather has everything to loose and add that one loss to his impeccible 49-0 record.  Even so, if McGregor survives 12 rounds with arguably the best pound for pound boxers in the history of the sport, this will earn him a whole different level of respect from the boxing world and soldify his untouchable image.

Imaging Conor McGregor being the first fighter to give Floyd Mayweather the 49-1 record, denying his perfect 50-0.  It may not happen, but it is very much a strong possibility.

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