Can Paddy Barnes Win a Title in His 3rd Fight?

The Irishman claims to have never even sparred for 10 rounds until the camp for this fight. He left behind Belfast for the hot weather of southern Spain, which would have made every session, every round and every punch harder.

Professional boxing is a world away from the amateur scene, he has to learn to punch with power instead of just pure speed and typically this means working your way through a series of journeymen. But never the one to take the easy route, Paddy Barnes is set to fight former European champion and world title contender, Silviu Olteanu who has 28 professional fights under his belt.

If I was a betting man, which I am, I’d be putting my money on this fight going the distance and a win for Paddy Barnes. A win on Saturday propels Barnes into the top-15 which makes him eligible to fight long term rival, Chinese superstar Zou Shiming.

Zou Shiming has previously beaten the 30 year old at the 2007 World Amateur Championships as well as the Olympics in 2008 and 2012. Can Paddy Barnes beat Olteanu and finally get his revenge?

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