Demetrious ‘Mighty Mouse’ Johnson Blasts UFC Over ‘Mistreatment and Bullying’.

The year of 2017 could arguably be considered as ‘the year of the superfights’ for combat sports with Boxing and MMA.

Demetrious ‘Mighty Mouse’ Johnson, the king of the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s 125 Flyweight division and #2 ranked 135 pound Bantamweight star also former champion TJ Dillashaw, is a fight that has been spoken about becoming an addition to these collosal clashes of the year.


With Bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt’s scheduled title fight with TJ Dillashaw held up because of a back injury Cody has been dealt, UFC President Dana White has openly spoke about TJ’s desire to drop down from 135 to 125 pounds for this superfight with Johnson, ultimately helping the UFC fill a much needed main event slot.

The only issue is that Mighty Mouse isnt taking the cheese.  He has blasted the UFC for almost making him fight TJ.  There are rumours flying around the organisation that the Flyweight divison will be completely fold if the fight dosen’t happen according to DJ and that he’s the victim of ‘mistreatment and bullying’ by the UFC.

Johnson has steam-rolled through the competition at 125 pounds no matter who he has faced and tied future Hall Of Fame fighting legend Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva’s title defence record at 10, however dosen’t bring in great pay-per-view rating as the Flyweight divison is almost snubbed by many MMA fans.


DJ wants to beat this record with a record 11th victory against whoever is next in line, which happens to be 23 year-old inexperienced fighter Ray Borg.

Borg, who’s holds a 12-2 MMA record and is on a current unimpressive two fight win streak, both that went the distance.  He has also missed the 125 pound weight multiple times in his career.  Is this the right matchup for Mighty Mouse?


Many seem like this is another easy fight for DJ, who is holding up the division and think he should take the TJ fight to show his championship calibre as a champion, however Johnson is not interested causing a limbo situation for all three fighters.

This has also caused verbals back and forward between Johnson and Dillashaw as well as conflicting opinions from President Dana White and match-maker Sean Shelby.

Frustraited Dillashaw has said ‘I feel like it’s disappointing Demitrious is going to go out this way and not take the fight. I dont care if it’s Cody or Demitrious. I just want to fight.  I just want to fight soon.  I want that big title fight’ confirming his disappointment.


Dillashaw has a glimmer of hope that Johnson changes his mind ahead of the expected clash at UFC 215 in DJ’s hometown of Seattle on August 19th, but this looks far from done.


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