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5 Things I Hate About American Football

I am a huge fan of American football, something you’ll come to realise as you follow my articles on Sideline View, despite only following the sports for just over two years I consider it to be my favourite sport. However there are still some things about the sport I dislike.

1. The Late Nights
My first NFL fantasy football league was appropriately named “Sleepless Sundays”. It was appropriate because sleep on a Sunday night does not exist when you’re an NFL fan with many games being played on a Sunday right through until the early hours of Monday morning.
The late night kick offs mean you’re often awake right into the early hours of the morning, and it wasn’t just Sunday to Monday, there’s Thursday night games that run into Friday morning and Monday night games that run into Tuesday morning.
Fair to say being an NFL fan leaves you with lack of sleep if you’re not willing to miss out on games, but often they’re unmissable. Ahhh the struggles.

2. The Super Bowl “experts”

The Carolina Panthers, this year’s Super Bowl experts favourites. They lost.
Every year the NFL season comes to a close with its showpiece event, the Super Bowl, and with that every one becomes an NFL expert. Now I don’t claim to be one but when someone who watches the sport once a year thinks they’re an expert because they’ve read a few stats and looked at the bookies odds, it kind of annoys me.
The Super Bowl fans also seem to support what ever team is doing well. My Twitter and Facebook feeds where full of Panthers fans during the build up to the Super Bowl. I wonder if they where fans in 2010 when they where statistically the worst team in the NFL?
I should make it clear I love to see new fans take to the sport and I encourage anyone to do so, but those who change the team they support on a yearly basis, watch one game per year and give expert opinions on Facebook and Twitter need to stop.

3. Fantasy Football can get annoying
Okay, this isn’t strictly football, but as many NFL fans I take part in fantasy football and it can get very annoying and unnecessarily stressful.
The tactics and planning that go into everything you do, from who to pick in the draft, who to trade, when to trade, who to start one a week to week basis.
For me one of the most annoying things is when a star player, maybe the Wide Receiver you picked up in the first round is out of form and only picking you up around eight points per week for the last three weeks, while a surprising run of form for a player you don’t normally start is seeing him get over 15 points a game. You think long and hard before dropping the star player until his form picks up and play the surprise package. The next week comes and of course normality resumes, you’re star Wide Receiver is back on form and the surprise package is fumbling the ball and getting you minus points. Happens too often to me.

4. The Sport Doesn’t Have Global Competitions

Brent Grimes four time NFL pro-bowl player, pictured above while playing in Germany for Hamburg
This is one of the worst for me as the sport is good but the “World Champions” are always from America.
In other popular football sports such as soccer and rugby there are continental and intercontinental competitions, both for clubs and national teams.
We could assume the sport would be dominated by the U.S.A if we were to ever see the sport produce world competitions but it my opinion it would still be good and I think it could help the sport worldwide.
Maybe as an Olympic sport or maybe a competition that sees domestic winners compete against each other for a World Cup, or “Word Bowl”. It’s something I think the sport misses and something I would love to see added.
5. The Adverts
My word the adverts can be ridiculous. Sport adverts in the UK tends to be, shirt sponsorship, advertising boards and commercial breaks at half time.
Not in the NFL. Everything seems to be sponsored, a touchdown pass, a big tackle, a sack, an impressive catch. Pretty much anything that brings a replay, brings an advert.
Commercial breaks in the UK aren’t too often but instead we do see the broadcast being brought back to the BBC or Sky studios when the USA broadcaster cuts to commercial, and it seems to be every end of quarter, time out and two minute warning.
Maybe it’s just because I’m not use to it, but for me the advertising in American football is a bit excessive.


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